Boston Property Ventures’ (BPV) unique business structure ensures that we control every aspect of a project from beginning to end.  This structure allows for more efficient communications and synergies across different business entities, saving our clients time and money. It also helps prevent some of the bumps in the road that often derail projects.

Boston Property Ventures’ family of companies is divided into four distinct arms, each streamlining the investing and development process.

BP Development

BP Development serves as BPV’s acquisitions department. Through market analysis and opportunity assessment, BP Development identifies properties, markets and specific locations best suited for optimizing our investors’ returns.

BP Contractors

BP Contractors oversees all construction projects for BPV, from selecting the most qualified architects to resource management to permitting. BP Contractors also serves as the general contractor in many BPV developments.

BP Management

BP Management is the final destination of each BPV project. BP Management oversees assets once development is complete. BP Management gets involved towards the end of construction to familiarize itself with each asset’s mechanical systems to ensure proper management procedures. BP Management also manages the lease-up of assets and has an excellent tenant retention track record, as well as an impeccable financial reporting system.

BP Capital

BP Capital is not only responsible for financing projects for BPV but also serves as a private lending business platform for entrepreneurs in real estate development. This allows BPV to offer its clients investment opportunity with a different type of risk/reward profile.