Fully Integrated

Boston Property Ventures’ (BPV) innovative business model seamlessly integrates local expertise in real estate development, financing, construction, and property management under one roof.  This structure enables BPV to leverage its multi-disciplinary skill sets within a fully-controlled proprietary process to more effectively protect and grow investors’ capital and create client impact, trust, and respect – all of which benefits each client, every employee, as well as the Greater Boston Community.

Local Expertise

BPV was founded in Boston and only services the Greater Boston area. Our local experts have the knowledge, experience, and relationships to get projects completed on budget and on schedule.

Unwavering Client Services

Our investors form the backbone of our enterprise, so it’s important to us that our investors and clients are satisfied. We guarantee financial transparency to ensure your confidence in our work and provide regular reporting on the progress of any of your investments. Our leadership team is always available for one-on-one consultation on any ongoing or future developments.