Investment Objective

Boston Property Ventures’ (BPV) main goal is to maximize investor returns on each project. Our local expertise gives us the know-how to navigate the Boston market and provide a premier product. BPV’s vertical integration allows it to fully utilize in-house talent, lower overall cost, and optimize the timeframe for increased profitability. We also use proprietary software to streamline access to information on our current projects.

Investment Philosophy

We understand that investing is a risky business, so why should you carry all the risk? We won’t apply your investment toward a project we aren’t confident will succeed. Our principals build trust and demonstrate integrity by investing in each project with their own equity, assuring our clients that BPV’s principals have the same stake in the outcome of a project as they do.

Investment Strategy

BPV’s primary focus is on building residential complexes between 25 and 100 units in high-demand rental or condominium markets in close proximity to Boston. BPV pays close attention to both public transit expansion, as well as city and town master planning efforts, to make sure it stays ahead of market development trends.  Additionally, a significant portion of BPV’s portfolio is conversion of luxury condominiums in trending Boston neighborhoods with low inventory and high demand.